Sensei Monica Ordaz – Budokon Regional Director & Certified Teacher


Budokon translates directly in Japanese as (BU) Warrior, (DO) way, (KON) spirit. “Way of the Spiritual Warrior”

Budokon is the first and only arte to integrate yoga, martial arts and living arts into one complete system. It is a true evolution of movement that must be experience to be understood. Budokon was created in 2000 by Cameron Shayne.

The Budokon physical practice draws upon ancient and modern yogic and martial arts styles. The foundation of the Budokon physical practice is precision, alignment and Zen mind. The practice dances between agility, control, speed, power, balance and flow. The physical practice is divided into two themes: The Yogic Series, and the Budo Series. Both themes constantly draw from and depend on each other.

The Budokon Yogic Series was heavily influenced by Iyengar and Ashtanga yogic techniques and alignment. The focus is on control, calm , power and precision.

The Budokon Budo Series is a combination of standing and ground techniques drawn primarily from Karate-Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, Tai-Chi and Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do. The objective of this series is to teach agility, power, focus and flow in the body and mind.

The Budokon Zen practice is seated meditation. Zen is about single minded living. Zen is about freedom from our own ideas. This practice is the foundation of Budokon and weaves its way through everything we do.

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything” - Kancho Cameron Shayne

About Sensei Monica Ordaz:

Monica is a Certified Group Fitness Specialist & Personal Trainer with over 10 years of experience, born in Margarita Island, living and teaching in Montreal since 2002.
Martial Arts, Boxing & Kickboxing practitioner.
Fitness Kickboxing Course Conductor for Fitness Kickboxing Canada in the Montreal area.
Certified Budokon and Yoga Conditioning Teacher.

After being invited to a Budokon Teacher Training in Montreal in June 2008, Sensei Monica was formally introduced to Yoga and started her Budokon Teacher Training directly under Kancho Cameron Shayne, obtaining her Teaching Certification in June 2009. Travelling often to the Budokon Headquarters in the USA and after completing several Accelerated Program Weekends with Kancho Shayne (over 400 hours) Monica obtained her Blue Belt in August 2009 and was appointed Regional Director in November 2009. Currently training to obtain the Purple Belt, teaching Budokon in Montreal and living the Budokon way to the fullest!

Sensei Monica is available to teach Workshops, Group/Private Classes and to organize Master Classes and Teacher Trainings with Budokon creator and founder Kancho Cameron Shayne.

Twitter: BudokonMTL
Facebook Group: Budokon Montreal

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