Brian Tuck


Certified Hatha Yoga instructor bilingual, for all levels of experience. Offering Private or semi-private sessions from the comfort of your own home or my studio. Balance in our physiology, our minds, our choices … find balance with your yoga practice whether on one foot, in a twist, on your head, or off the mat! Certified 584 hrs with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and have acquired over 1,500 hours of teaching experience in the Hatha tradition, Hatha flow, Partner, Yin, Chair and Restorative Yoga

Why private yoga?

- You are guided how to coordinate the breath while listening to your body, abandoning yourself in your practice.
- Instruction on meditation and breathing techniques.
- Yoga made accessible to all body types and levels of fitness. Your alignment is adapted according to your body's constitution, involving steps and adjustments for every posture to build your foundation.
- Informing you of the physical benefits of the postures and the subtle energies in the body.
- Instruction how to unblock the body and mind from the past that affects our present behavior, choices and attitude. When we address resistance in the deep tissues of the body, or the fear entering postures we find difficult, this translates "off the mat" in our relationships, friendships and day-to-day lives.
- Adopting a sense of "play", weight transferring, yielding, letting go, overcoming fears and celebrating how your body moves. Reclaim your personal potential inside and out.

Interested in simply improving your overall health, flexibility and strength? Whatever gets you on a yoga mat is enough reason to begin yoga or restart your practice! The tradition promises to bring more in due time. Whether on of off the mat! Carry your practice with you throughout the day.

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