Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is a yoga program set up in the workplace, usually onsite or sometimes off site.

Corporate Yoga does not necessarily refer to a specific style of yoga; however the classes can be focus on postures that can be preformed in one’s office or desk. Corporate Yoga programs may also be designed around specific goals such as stress reduction, or fostering teamwork. The style of yoga and program will vary depend on the teacher.

May also be referred to as: Workplace Yoga, Desk Yoga

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4035 Saint-Ambroise, loft 413 Montréal (Québec) H4C 2E1


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Specialized in wellness courses in the workplace. Our courses: YOGA: Hatha | power | laughing | dance | Pilates PLUS: Tai Chi | relaxation | meditation | breathing | Nia More
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5582 Sherbrooke St. West, (NDG) Montreal


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Yoga for Everybody – and Every Body Since 2004 Yoga on the Park has provided a welcoming space to do safe transformational yoga, follow a meditation regime, and create community. Now, new owners Malcolm McLean, Julie Nadler and Emily McLean have taken up the challenge of continuity More

6334 A Rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal, QC, Canada


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