Nritya Yoga (Yoga of Dance)


Joyful Union of the Body, Mind & Spirit!!

Yoga and Indian Sacred dance are inseparable. Both disciplines have common roots that go back thousands of years. It is believed that the sacred scriptures were handed down to us through expression, movement, and rhythm of dance; a dynamic form of Yoga


These courses/workshops offer a holistic practice that goes beyond technique and structure; and emphasizes the whole being , as a continuous form in joyful, ecstatic motion. We explore the beauty and grace of:

1) Nritya Yoga Postures: sacred Yogic dance postures and Mudras (symbolic hand gestures), flow from one posture to another smoothly like dance.

2) Vibrant, joyful Trance Dance

3) Meditation in Motion using Mudras(sacred hand gestures) & sacred mantra chanting.

4) Yogic breathwork, visualizations and movement to connect to the essence of all the Nritya Yoga Postures. Music and ancient movement techniques are an integral part of this practice. we explore the ancient philosophies of our creative/sensual energies through this compassionate, graceful, joyful voyage of the ecstatic soul!

An experience that truly incorporates the body, mind & spirit; spiritually inspiring and soulfully uplifting!

Nritya Yoga is designed for both women and men and can aid to improving one's health emotionally, physically and spiritually. In Nritya Yoga, Amrita goes back to the ancient Indian philosophy of Jyog (Yoga) and Sacred Dance, and brings this knowledge back to a contemporary setting of today's life. Nritya Yoga is a philosophy of life in joyful, spirited motion; blissful union of the body, mind and spirit!

Video clips of class and more information: <a link="">Click here </a>

Amrita Choudhury is a dance and movement therapist with over 29 years experience in Indian sacred dance, mudras and Nritya yoga. Her grandfather was a yogi and Shaivite priest and her mother was her first dance teacher at the age of 4 in India.

Amrita was educated in India, at Santiniketan - Abode of Peace founded by the nobel prize recipient Rabindranath Tagore, where the relationship between nature, spirituality and the arts was part of everyday life.

She has specialized the art of Indian Classical/Sacred Dance, Yoga and therapeutic Mudras (symbolic hand gestures).

Amrita also performs anthropological research in the field of “Dance/Yoga & Anthropology” related to the yoginis/yogis of the ancient temples of India dating back to the Tantric tradition of Yoga and Sacred Dance. She carries a degree in Anthropology and is a respected dance researcher and choreographer.

Amrita teaches and performs globally and has made her home in Montreal.

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