Event Description

Become certified to confidently and adequately teach Prenatal Yoga. Receive essential tools, safe techniques and knowledge to address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of mom and baby.

The Course Includes:

  • Live Class Observations
    • In Class, Assignments & Practice Teach
    • Certification Upon Completion.
    • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

This specialized certification is ideal for those who maintain a regular meditation practice and a regular Hatha yoga practice, yoga teachers or teachers in training and for professionals in related fields that maintain a regular yoga practice.

Prenatal Yoga Training Course Outline

  1. What is Yoga?
    2. a) Deepening our Personal practice, b) Exploring our Teacher practice.
    3. The role of a Prenatal Yoga Teacher.
    4. Addressing the anatomical and physiological pregnant body
    5. Addressing the emotions and hormones in pregnancy
    6. Learning the six ways to manipulate tissues, alignment, posture/movement, breath, mind, massage and energy.
    7. Exploring the pelvic floor
    8. Connecting and communicating with baby
    9. First trimester, second trimester, third trimester, fourth trimester.
    10. Communicating, physically assisting, and relating to the pregnant woman.
    11. Physical, mental and energetic tools for pregnancy, labouring and being a mother
    12. Integrating pregnancy yoga in day-to-day life
    13. Learning to a balance between structure and organic unfolding while teaching a prenatal yoga class.
    14. Promoting and organizing a prenatal yoga class.

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