GO DEEP: Into the Woods, into Your Body, & into Your Mind

Event Description

A Yoga and Vipassana Meditation Retreat
with Daryl Lynn Ross, Julie Nadler and Malcolm McLean
In this country setting, enjoy regular yoga classes and meditation sessions that lead to more ease in the body, steadiness and fluidity of breathing and settling and attention in the mind. As presence in mind and body deepens, insight meditation can help you become more aware of your limiting reactive patterns without getting caught up in them. In this way you become more free in your life to open to joy, wisdom, kindness and compassion, able to respond to suffering you find in yourself and in the world. This retreat will take place in noble silence. 
PRICING: (with 5 meals)
1. Single room/cabin $400
2. Double room $330
3. Dorm (X4) or camping $280
DEPOSIT for all accommodation options is $150 ($50 non-refundable)
BALANCE due on or before July 21st
OPTION to pay in full at any time
1. at any time $50 non-refundable
2. after July 21st full deposit is non-refundable
3. after July 28th all payments are non-refundable.
REGISTRATION FORMS are to be filled out and submitted in advance;
INTAKE FORMS will be filled out on site
TRANSPORTATION: let us know if you need or can offer a ride
* We will, of course, respect a medical certificate or other serious circumstance.


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