Babaji’s Kriya Yoga

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The first in a series of initiation seminars

With Marshall Govindan

Saturday and Sunday May 26-27, 9 am to 5:30 pm

Introductory lecture: Friday January 25, at 8:30 pm

Location:  Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Ashram, 196 Mountain Road,

St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec, J0E 2E0.  

One hour east of the Montreal Champlain Bridge , exit 100 of Autoroute 10.


The goal of life is happiness, peace, love and enlightenment. The desire for perfection comes from the Self, the image of God which seeks to express itself through all humanity. KRIYA YOGA is a scientific art of perfect God truth union.  It was revived in modern times by a great master of India, Babaji Nagaraj, as a synthesis of the teachings of the 18 siddhas.  It includes a series of techniques.

In this weekend you will learn 18 postures for greater health, relaxation and energy; the 6 phases of the powerful breathing technique, known as "Kriya Kundalini Pranayama" to awaken and circulate subtle energies; 7 techniques of meditation to cleanse the subconscious, to master the mind and to bring about realization of the Self and Absolute Reality.

Marshall Govindan Satchidananda has practiced Babaji's Kriya Yoga intensively since 1969. He studied and practiced Kriya Yoga in India for five years with Yogi S.A.A. Ramaiah. He also assisted him in the establishment of 23 yoga centers around the world during an 18 year period. During this period he practiced Kriya Yoga for eight hours per day on average, and as a result attained Self-realization.. In 1988 he was asked by Babaji Nagaraj, the founder of Kriya Yoga to begin teaching. This followed the completion of certain rigorous requirements to initiate others in the 144 Kriyas given to him by Yogi Ramaiah five years earlier.

In 1991, he wrote the best selling book, Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition, now published in 16 languages. In 1992 he established Babaji's Kriya Yoga Ashram in St. Etienne de Bolton, Quebec. Classes, seminars and retreats are offered there year round. In 1997 he founded a lay order of teachers of Kriya Yoga: Babaji's Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas, a non-profit educational charity, incorporated in the USA, Canada, India and Sri Lanka, presently with 28 members.


He is the author of the book and DVD Kriya Hatha Yoga: 18 Postures, The Wisdom of Jesus and the Yoga Siddhas, and Kriya Yoga Insights Along the Path.  His book, the Kriya Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Siddhas, has been critically acclaimed, and for the first time demonstrates the close connections between Classical Yoga and the Siddhars.  See:

The suggested contribution of $300 + tax, includes 2 nights lodging and 5 meals on Saturday and Sunday

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