Art is My Yoga


Original Ganesha and Chakra Art Card Sets are now 40% off. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation Art Card series is coming soon. Free shipping within Canada. Through the online Yoga Art Store, you can purchase original art card sets, framed art cards, high quality professional reproductions of original art works on canvas, sets of stones for balancing energies and gift certificates, all at reasonable prices. All of the art is original and created by the Canadian artist Jennifer Dany Aub?. High quality professional reproductions on canvas, called cigl? prints, mounted onto a wooden frame, are available at a fraction of the price of the original paintings. The color extends to the sides so additional framing is not necessary. All of the mantras are painted by hand as part of the artist?s meditation practice. This is a very time consuming process as the mantras are written over and over again until the accumulation of paint creates a raised texture adding depth to the image and imbuing the art piece with positive and calming energy. A limited number of cigl? paintings can be made a year. Visit my website to view all works in a slide show.

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